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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How are Enter - Net servers connected to the Internet?

Our high-performance systems are three hops away from the Internet backbone via T-1 line.   In addition, we monitor our server usage constantly, and add additional servers and bandwidth as necessary in order to maintain the speed that our customers have grown to expect. Unlike some other Web Space Providers, we do not, and will not, overload our servers in order to increase our profits at the expense of our customers.

Is Enter - Net  a "real" host or a "reseller" host?

Enter - Net  is a "real" hosting company.  We own, manage, and monitor our own servers.  We do not re-sell server space for other hosting companies.

Why does Enter - Net  charge more than some companies for hosting?

Simply, we intend to stay in business for a long time.  You cant find cheaper hosting plans out there, and many of them require a year up-front, with no real intent to stay in business for the long term.  With Enter - Net, volume is not the name of the game, service is.  We are skilled technicians who provide hosting services at a reasonable cost.  When you are considering your hosting choice, wouldn't you rather select a company you can DEPEND on?  Quality, reliable hosting service, and support are the goals for our hosting services.

Does Enter - Net allow adult content on its servers?

Pornographic material is not allowed on any of Enter - Net's servers.

Is it possible to get an entire server to myself?

Enter - Net offers both Server Co-location as well as Server leasing plans. Please contact our staff for details.

How long will it take for my website to be done?

Our first step is to create one page for your approval of the "look and feel" of your site. Once we receive the content information, it is generally 5-60 mins per page of development time.

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